Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening

DRA in Middlebury will be offering low-dose, non-contrast CT imaging as a screening technique for lung cancer for people meeting specific criteria. Computed tomography is a radiographic imaging technique that can provide high quality images of the lungs during a single breath hold. Due to its speed and sensitivity in detecting small lung lesions, CT imaging has been proposed as a screening test for lung cancer in high risk individuals. The criteria are as follows:

  • Individual has no signs or symptoms suggestive of underlying lung cancer which includes, but is not limited to the following: unexplained cough, hemoptysis (coughing up blood), or unexplained weight loss of more than 15 pounds in the past year;
  • Individual is between 55 – 74 years of age; AND
  • There is at least a 30 pack – year history of cigarette smoking; (30 pack smoker defined as ½ pack per day smoker for 60 years, 1 pack per day for 30 years, 2 pack per day for 15 years, etc.) AND
  • If the individual is a former smoker, that individual had quit smoking within the previous 15 years

This procedure is not necessarily an insurance covered procedure so patients need to check with their insurance companies before scheduling a screening CT. A doctor’s order is also necessary to schedule the CT. For an appointment call DRA’s Middlebury office at 203-758-2588.