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are you dense

It is a great time for women all over the United States. 

The pioneer work of Are You Dense, Inc. has finally been realized.

The US Food And Drug Administration has updated the regulations under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MSQA) of 1992 which oversees mammography facilities to include dense breast tissue notification.

Are You Dense, Inc. began working in 2004 after its founder, Nancy Cappello, Ph.D, was diagnosed with advanced  stage breast cancer after a decade, and within weeks of a  normal mammogram. Dr. Cappello was told that her “dense tissue” hid her cancer for years.

Nancy and Joe Cappello birthed the advocacy movement and took AYD on a relentless crusade. CT passed landmark breast density insurance (2005), and notification (2009) legislation.

Since then, all but twelve states have followed suit. Now women all over the United States will be notified of the risk factor of dense breast tissue. This notification represents a real effort by the FDA to ensure that women all over the country will receive better breast health care and that the quality of that care is not dependent upon their zip code.

DRA is proud to have been a supporter of AYD for many years!