Thyroid Biopsy

Your doctor has scheduled your for a needle biopsy of your thyroid gland. Ultrasound imaging is used to guide a very fine needle into the thyroid. The skin on your neck will be cleansed and local anesthesia will be used to make the procedure more comfortable. A fine needle is used to take a tissue sample. The sample is sent to a laboratory to be analyzed by a pathologist. The entire procedure should take an hour. Your ordering physician will receive the results in two to three business days and will discuss the results with you. If you do not hear from your physician with in five business day, please contact his or her office.


There is no formal preparation prior to the procedure. You may eat and take your medication before coming to the office. If your previous thyroid imaging (CT/MRI/Ultrasound) was performed at a location other than DRA or Waterbury Hospital, please be sure to bring the images with you. If you have questions or concerns prior to, or after the procedure, please contact DRA.